Good Morning!!!!!

I’d like you to imagine that I am sitting in my home office, a cup of chai tea warm by my side, as I type this first welcome post to you. That this is my day to day job and I get the privilege of sharing my life and experiences with you each and every day. Realistically, I am writing this to you on a free Sunday morning, while my dogs go absolutely bonkers over something they’ve seen out the window and my husband tries to coax me back into bed. Not exactly the perfect imagine for some, but it’s my life, and I love it. So, here I am sharing it with you!

So, where to begin?

Let me introduce you to the  crew:

img_7784.jpgSimba is our youngest rescue. He’ll be two in September and this baby boy is quite a handful. We rescued him on Christmas Eve and every since then we’ve been in love. He is a pitbull mix who has grown to be very cuddly and a bit needy, with a skill for getting hurt or in trouble. Link to his collar here.


Izzy is our first rescue. Our first piece of starting this beautiful family we’ve built. She’s three years old and she’s the easy going, regulating, older sister. She has pretty bad anxiety but has over come it over the years and since we’ve move to our house in the suburbs and out of the city she’s really strived.


Matt is my husband. My world. My Everything. He is also the person who points out when I am exaggerating, tells me I complain about him complaining, and convinces me to skip the gym. I couldn’t go through this crazy life without him. I mean, look at that face!!!


Last but not least. ME!  Reena. I like to write, I like wine, and I like books. I’m oversimplifying myself, I admit, but its only day one. Stick around for a bit.

It’s my hope that through out the course of this blog I’ll be able to share more stories and experiences that we have as a family. For you all to get to know us and all our quirks.

I want to thank you again for stopping by and reading my very first blog post. Check in daily for new post, special content, tons of pictures and more! Comment below if there is anything you’re interesting in seeing from this page, if you have any advice you’d like to pass on, or if you just want to say hi!

I hope to see you again soon!

Besos! xoxo



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