Verse of the Week

What I love about religion is that it is a personal relationship with God. Everyone is having their own problems with Him at any given moment but just like in a physical relationship, you can always tell when a woman is in love. She lights up a room! To love God is to be the light in the room. And that love can take many different forms and have many different interactions. I like to believe that to love God is to question him and disagree with him. Just as much as it is to answer his call and heed his words. Like any relationship it’s a work in progress and it is work! The phrase “fear of God” I think is a bit much. I do not fear my God but I do see Him as all powerful and all knowing. It is not fear that drives me to try and be the best version of my self; it’s love. I find comfort in knowing that when my body fades and my mind is not as sharp the love I carry in my heart always stays.

How do you chose to define your relationship with God?

Besos! xoxo



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