My Top Ten Hype Songs


You ever just have a song that no matter where or when it’s played it just gets you so hyped? That you know all the words, or maybe even that you’ve invented new words over the years that sound like they’re right but make no sense whatsoever. That remind you of your friends, that one crazy night, and a bean burrito. That last one might just be me but whatever lets roll with it.

Here are my top 10 go to hype songs. You can judge me – its cool.

Will Smith – Getting Jiggy With It

My brother use to play this CD for hours! I hated it so much I stuck bobby pins in the outlet. (True story). I didn’t understand the excellence that is Willard Carroll Smith Jr. at that point in time but I do now! For real though, this song is a go to feel good classic for me. I don’t know if it’s because it reminds me of my brother (ears and all) or if its because it has a dance move associated with it. I’m a sucker for a good dance move. This song is certified hype music. I know everyone sings the Fresh Prince theme song or Summertime when hes around, but let me get a solid 3 minutes and 49 seconds and I’m singing this in his presence. Bonus points because there are no curses in this song so you can literally sing it any time any where.

Favorite line: “Mad cause I got floor seats at the Lakers/ See me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders/ Met Ali he told me I’m the greatest!”

Janet Jackson ft MC Lyte – You Want This

Guys! My love for Janet is so real! And as a former dancer it feels sacrilege that this is not Rhythm Nation but roll with me on this. We’re talking box braids, in the desert with cars driving in a circle; 90’s magic! I know for a fact there is a VHS tape in a box somewhere with me dancing in the living room of my parents Bronx apartment talking bout “early in the mornin’ you want this”.  I didn’t know what I was singing but looking back on the lyrics they’re pretty empowering. You can’t just come up and have allll o’ this because you want it. You gotta work boy! Also a very big nod to the MC Lyte verse on this track. Still to this day one of my favorites but apple doesn’t sell that version so I just sing it my damn self. But for real though that drop beat is tough.

Favorite line: “At first you dissed this, now you wanna kiss this. Tell ’em girls! [Too late, ya missed this]”

Nelly – Hot In Herre

DO. NOT. catch me out in these streets when this song comes on! I think I was in the 7th grade when this song cam out. Back when Nelly was still rocking that bad-aid on his face like he’s been picking at a pimple that’s not ready to pop. This song is everything! Please note I don’t about 25% of the song but I will actively mumble my way through it like a pro. Again. Don’t let me catch you sleeping on this song. It is all hype, all fun, and everything I could every dream of.

Favorite line: “Checking your reflection and telling your best friend/ Like ‘Girl I think my butt getting big!’ ” 

Pharrell ft Jay- Z – Frontin’

I just want to thank Pharrell for putting or whoever is responsible for putting Lanisha Cole in this video. I wanted to be her so bad back in the day that i went out an baught base ball caps and tried to wear them like she did in the video. She’s so beautiful! Put that aside this is just such a great song. Add in the Jay-Z verse and your riding smooth into the night of hype. I think only Pharrell could get away with whispering half his song lyrics and still getting me pumped up. Whatever. I’m here for it.

Favorite line: “You find yourself trying to do my dance
Maybe ’cause you love me (Uh, you do it well)”

Slick Rick – Mona Lisa

This song is not like any of the rap songs out now. This is a marathon not a sprint. When you start rapping to Slick Rick you have to commit, control your breath, check your heart rate, and have dance moves on deck. This is a performance people! This song brings me back to chillin’ in front of the apartment building on minerva in the Bronx. To pizza slices and 50 cent juices. I learned the words to this song so I can hang with my older cousins and my brother. So I could be cool too. If I had a sweet 16 no doubt this would have been my entrance song. This song came on the other night when I was out with Matt and its like a hype time machine. The excitement is and always will be so real!

Favorite line: “And calling me a thief? Please! Don’t even try it/ Sit down eat your slice of pizza, and be quiet”

Aventura ft. Don Omar – Ella y Yo 

First of all can we just talk about the premise of this song really quick?! Two friends are over here chopping it up over one friends relationship drama. Friend 1 is sleeping with a married mans woman and is morally conflicted because he loves her. Friend 2 thinks he should take the mans woman stating things like, “you have to fight for love” and “me and my wife have an eternal love just like you two”. Only to find out at the end of the song *PLOT TWIST* Friend 1 is sleeping with Friend 2’s wife! This is not just a song this is a freaking movie! This is like going out to drinks with friends and watching all the drama unfold knowing you’re going home to your husband and puppies who love you. It gets particularly hyped at the end when Romeo Santos is going IN on Don Omar for cheating with his wife. HYPE!

Favorite line: “Ya veo que todo era mentira cuando ella me decía que se iba pa’ Puerto Rico a vacaciones con su amiga”

Lin Manuel Miranda and Cast – In the Heights (Radio Edit)

I know I know. This is not an obvious choice. BUT if you have not realized by now that Lin Manuel Miranda is a national treasure who should be protected at all cost, we can’t be friends. So listen, me and Papi saw this play after my Tia gave me tickets for Christmas right before they won all those Tony awards. We were there first! We experienced the magic first hand and lived to tell the tale. If you are Dominican and from New York and don’t get hyped listening to this song, I have to question your sanity. I play this song in the car and go nuts! Obviously avoiding anyone who might be looking at me. Still waiting for that movie we were promised in 09′ Lin! Just saying.

Favorite line: “And practically everybody’s stressed, yes! but they press through the mess bounce checks, and wonder what’s next.”

Beyonce ft. Jay-Z – Crazy in Love

I mean there obviously has to be Beyonce on this list. Obviously. While “4” is my favorite album to date, Crazy in Love is the original party starter. So attention must be paid. This is the walk heard round the world we’re talking about. Blast this song, throw on some heals and march your heart out. I know that once this song starts the hype that goes through my body is endless. Somebody tell my husband to come get me, because I’m a mess right now.

Favorite line: “Tennis shoes, don’t even need to buy a new dress if you ain’t there, ain’t nobody else to impress”

RBD – Rebelde

Ok this may just be for me and my best friend but here we are! I spent 4 years running home from school to catch this song each and every day as the theme song for my favorite novela (sorry Luz Clarita!). I’m talking Mia and Miguel levels of hype to this song. This song reminds me of all the good things and all happy moments I had back in high school. I still squeal when I hear this song. Judge away.

Favorite line: “Todo en la vida es a perder o ganar, hay que apostar, hay que apostar sin miedo”

Marc Anthony – Vivir Mi Vida

Is there anything better than just celebrating life?! Windows down, driving home from work, getting ready for a big party. This is the song to set the mood! This song is an anthem to being happy and loving life. I like to imagine this song being song while Marc Anthony has his fingers plugging his ears singing to the devil. Not today Satan, I’m gonna be happy! I’m here for it!

Favorite line: “voy a reir, voy a bailar, vivir mi vida la la la la”

Bonus Track: Bruno Mars ft Cardi B – Finesse Remix





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