Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Vegan

I love being vegan. I really really do. But there are things about being vegan that kind of suck sometimes. Lets dive right in shall we?

The jokes. They’re never really that good, they’re never nice, and there aren’t that many so you hear the same ones all the time. In the beginning I rolled with it. I didn’t want to be that up tight vegan stereotype that supposedly yelled about kale and shamed you out of your cheeseburger. (BTW I’ve never met a vegan like this; doesn’t mean they don’t exist, just saying I’ve never been around them.) But let’s be real, if every time you went to eat it was accompanied by a bunch of ignorant jokes, would you be a tad piffed?

Being offered salad. Sure there is the rare point in time where I stopped binge eating pasta to be healthy for the day and have a salad. Let’s be real though, no one is ever craving a salad. So, no I don’t really want to go to the steak house for dinner because “oh, look! They have salad you’re good.” Not really. Usually these salads are thrown together with a bunch of meat and cheese anyway and once you take those things out you just have lettuce onions and tomatoes. Please put that on my vegan burger and let me live! Also, the fact that there aren’t more vegan options in general. I mean I can finesse a meal out of almost any menu but the choices are not always that appetizing.

Thinking I’m super healthy. This is the biggest farce ever. HAHA! Did you know nutter butter’s are vegan? And oreos. And there are vegan ice creams. And vegan jerky. This is where your diet goes to die. The worst part is that you justify eating alllllll the vegan junk food because it vegan! And since there aren’t always vegan options when I go out to eat, I end up eating all carbs and starches (thank god for french fries).  To be fair because I’m not eating a bunch of meat products the food doesn’t live in my gut as long but still I’m not sitting at home munching on kale and rubbing my six pack. HA! no.

Vegan labeling. Ok so I get a lot of shit for saying something is vegan. “How will you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry they’ll tell you.” On the flip side all hell breaks loose if I don’t say something is vegan. I’ll say something like “oh hey I’m craving wings today.” and get greeted with, “I thought you were vegan though?!” The label police come at you so hard. These are also usually the people telling the bad vegan jokes. Another side of vegan labeling is when people argue about if something is vegan or not. I’ll admit I’m not an expert and there are still things that I don’t know or haven’t researched properly. You live and you learn. I’m also very open about my limits as a vegan. If there is a little bit of butter in something by accident and I don’t have any other viable choices at the time; I will probably eat it. If you insist on a shit load of cheese on something; I definitely won’t. I will never forget an annoying ex-co-worker of mine who took extreme offense with me having bubble tea because according to him the tapioca balls (boba) was made with gelatin. Mind you he is not vegan and he was very very wrong. I stopped drinking it for a while until i had the chance to properly do some research.

Are you sure that’s vegan? If I didn’t make it myself or get it from and exclusively vegan establishment I’m never a hundred percent sure, nope. However, I don’t need you to remind me that I am vegan. No seriously, I didn’t forget and order a rack of ribs while you were in the bathroom. I get it if the food is mashed potatoes or gummy candies. Things that are not usually vegan but sometimes you get lucky and they are accidentally vegan. But waving a piece of cauliflower in my face and asking me if I’m sure it’s vegan will only bring out all the judgmental looks I have in my collection.

Being treated like an attacker. Usually I don’t bring up the fact that I’m vegan unless I absolutely have to. For one, there isn’t really much need to. For another, some people get very offended. You would think you just stole their child after birth and milked them for proceeds (right Dairy industry?). A lot of times what end up happening is that someone I am with will tell everyone else and the conversation usually picks up from there. I had one friend argue for 20 minutes that they enjoyed the taste of meat too much to give it up. And they insisted they could eat it cooked with no seasoning or even raw. I digress. Other people will see me at one event and praise me for going vegan and then see me a month or two later and be disgusted that I’m “still on this vegan thing”.

On the flip side I have had so much support from family and friends that makes being a vegan so incredibly easy.  Like I said before, I love being vegan, even when other people don’t. Just let me (and the animal’s) live yeah?

Besos! xoxo



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