Verse of the Week

It’s funny. When I read this I first think of the jehovah’s witnesses who come by the house and knock on the door. Being so open to other people’s religious expressions I always use to listen to them. Which was tough because they would come back if you listened to them. They would pop up at the mall or the bus stop. They were efficient. All they are trying to do is make more disciples.

I’m not the type of person to be so bold. To walk around and tell people what they should or shouldn’t believe. I remember when I was younger and working at IHOP how some people had these fake $100 bills with bible quotes printed on them. We used to be so upset too! Out tip would be $2 and a bible quote. But is there a time and a place to voice your beliefs? Is it always the time and place?

I’ve chosen to live my faith the best way I can. I lead by example. I don’t have the ability to shove my faith down anyone’s throat because I’m only human and I make mistakes too. I hope that in my example other people will feel they could open themselves to religion. I hope there are still disciples being made every day.

So the question remains, do you try to create new disciples in your life?

Besos! Xoxo


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