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As people we are so stubborn. We have this attitude of I can do it without any help. For me I always try to keep what I’m working on close to my chest lest someone criticises me for it. That doesn’t always work. Sometimes I need help and sometime I have to put my ego aside and admit I need help. What’s more is sometimes you have to know when to tell the people around you that you need help. You need them.

I am lucky enough to have people in my life that I can turn to in times when everything is going wrong. Most recently I suffered from a miscarriage (post about that tomorrow). I was at my lowest point, in the darkest areas of my mind and the people around me lifted me out of it. My friends and family. Tomorrow would have been my due date and its crazy thinking about the what if’s but it’s a hard thought to wrap my brain around.

I’ve been reaching out to God telling him I need help this week, telling him I’m not strong enough to survive this part alone. And you know what? He damn sure sent them. My oldest friend was here yesterday supporting me and taking me out of my funk. My husband, as always, is here for me. People have been reaching out.

I think we survive the hardships of our lives because of the people we chose to surround ourselves with not despite of. I also think your inner circle should be filled with people who will support you the way you support them. People who will make the effort. God sends us love in so many forms but a lot of times we take for granted the love that comes in the form of a good friend.

I learned to love my friend before I knew how to love my husband. It was a hard lesson too because I’ve always been the type of person to cut people off the minute I feel like I am a burden to them or they are not trustworthy. I don’t have many friends outside of my family. When I started dating Matt I saw friendships differently. He doesn’t have a large family like I do (he still hasn’t met all of my first uncles, aunts, and cousins). So he needed his friends more than I did. He leaned on them when shit got real and things were falling apart. Seeing their friendship I am envious of the love they all have shared for so many years. Through good and bad. This is a bond God has given them that is stronger than most marriages these days.

I’ll end my post with this: appreciate the people around you, love them openly and call them often.

-Besos! xoxo

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  1. Marsha

    The past 6 months have been the hardest of my life and without my incredible, supportive and loving friends I don’t know if I would have survived. Literally!

    Unfortunately when times get tough you also find out who your true friends are not. Friends I thought were my forever friends who disappointed me in my time of incredible pain. This was shocking to me but good bye to them.

    Then there are friends who I didn’t know were my best friends. They were like community girlfriends, friends of friends, friends from the past who I lost touch with. Well amazingly they are now part of my life in a big way.

    So I love your post Reena and I am thankful I have you and Matt in my life, my 2 amazing kids and all my incredible friends ❤


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