Verse Of The Week

It is my belief that many things in the Bible are open for interpretation. It is also my belief that the world changes and as it does we must adapt the teachings in the Bible. I do believe there are central themes and teachings that should not be argued (I’m looking at you “Thou shall not kill”). I do not believe in dictating my faith onto others or preaching to them constantly. I choose to practice my faith to the best of my abilities and live by example. I choose to open myself up to criticism and questioning and be able to admit when I don’t know the answers. Sometimes this also means knowing when someone is already past the point of discussion. Sometimes people want to argue religion just for the sake of arguing. I don’t participate in that.

It is my belief that we all pray to the same God. We just name it something different. One of my favorite things is learning about other people’s God’s. What form that relationship takes in their life and the passion they have for it. I love participating in someone else’s traditions and prayers. To me praying is praying. It does not mean less or lose its power because it is not in line with the way my Catholic upbringing taught me how to pray. Why close yourself off to so much love?

As you might know my husband is Jewish and I am Catholic. This past year we celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah as we usually do but it was the first time we had our own menorah. I loved it! I love the practice of praying with my husband in general, add on being able to do it through this beautiful tradition, it’s the cherry on top. One night my husband forgot, so I said the prayers (to the best of my abilities) by myself and right when I get to the end and say Amen I hear a resounding AMEN from the bedroom!

God is such an important part of my life. Sharing this relationship is also very important to me. I believe I cannot be a proper christian and disciple of Jesus unless I am living in faith. Whether that be praying with my family before a meal, sharing these bible passages with you all on this blog, or participating in a religious ceremony outside of my own religion. I believe our biggest mistake is trying to put God in a box and trying to define that relationship finitely. All relationships grow and change shape and move around. Keep yourself open each day and question and live in the word of God. You may find something you love there.

-Besos! xoxo

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