When You’re Too Old For The Drama

I just want to start this post of by saying that I reserve all rights to be petty! lol My blog my rules. Right? Right!

The other day I was on Instagram and I noticed everyone doing those “ask me a question” thing on their story. I put one up and I went around asking people questions if I came across their story. I knew the questions were not anonymous and it wasn’t like I was asking crazy things or anything. To me it’s all fun and games. I thought this was a great way to interact with people I haven’t actually talked to in a while. Especially my Jersey friends I don’t get to see often.

There is this one woman who I haven’t spoken to in maybe 4 or 5 years, due to a falling out where I felt I couldn’t trust her, whose question box came up on the stories feature. Like I said, we haven’t spoken to each other in years but we follow each other on Instagram and like each others pictures and stuff. I have no animosity towards her at all, so I asked her a question. “What is the last song you listened to?” Nothing scandalous or meaning to provoke anyone.

Sidenote: I’d like to point out that this year has been a major get back in touch type of year. I’ve been trying to hang out with old friends I don’t see very much and people who I’ve lost touch with. Just trying to squash any bad blood that may be out there. I’m all about the love and positivity these days.

Later in the day I see that she answered my question with a screen shot of the song she was listening to. She also wrote on the screenshot “long time no talk. miss you. <3” So I replied “Same <3”. I didn’t think anything of it to be honest. I wasn’t starting a conversation or anything but leaving the possibility open. Myself and this person went through some shit a couple of years ago and to be honest we never resolved it so maybe this would be a step in that direction. Who knows?

The next day I was on Twitter (follow me @TheMrsAlter) when I saw some of the people I followed liked a tweet. The tweet read “when someone you cut out of your life tries to get back in …WTF?!” Color me surprised when I see it’s from the same woman who told me the day before she missed me! I didn’t even know she had a twitter page! I did have the thought that maybe she’s talking about someone else but at the same time what are the chances? At first I let it go. Who cares. We don’t even talk anymore. But! But! But then! I just wanted to try and see something real quick.

I liked the tweet.

I didn’t think anything of it after that, I was having a really good weekend and relaxing with the family, going to the beach, getting massage’s; I could not be bothered. Then Sunday night I went to look on her twitter page to see if she said anything else. And guess the fuck what?! She blocked me!

I will say it again, I reserve all rights to be petty. I went directly to Instagram and blocked her (both of her Instagrams). Oh well!

I was thinking long and hard about if I should write about this and I decided why not?This proves to me that this relationship is not worth it. If your first instinct after a friendly gesture is to go and talk about me behind my back then what is there to rekindle? What is there to resolve?

I’ll admit that as early as 4 years ago I was very quick to cut people off if I thought I couldn’t trust them or if I thought they had slighted me in the past. I’m trying to change. As I get older and it is harder to make new friends I really value the one’s I do have. Matt has even been pushing me to make amends with certain friends he thinks I cut off for stupid reasons. So I have been reflecting a lot on this topic.


That’s not a reason to take advantage of my kindness and drag me to people who don’t know me. For now I’ll leave this person in the I’ll never see them again pile and keep it moving.

What are your thoughts on rekindling broken relationships?

-Besos! xoxo

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