Our Favorite Date Night

This past Monday my husband and I were weighing the pros and cons of switching from MoviePass to AMC AList. Both of these are subscription based movie plans that allow you to buy movie tickets through them for a set rate a month. When we started with MoviePass it was $10 for each of us, for an unlimited amount of movies a month. The only restrictions being that you could not order tickets ahead (you have to be within 100ft of the theater), you could not see more than one movie a day, and you could not see any 3D or IMAX. Which meant that for bigger movies like the Avengers we usually ended up paying out of pocket to book seats ahead of time. Which we didn’t mind so much because we were still saving a ton of money. Then one day we went to go see Skyscraper (the movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and there was a $5 surcharge. This was after they made a new rule that you had to take a picture of your ticket after purchasing and after some other rules they enacted which made the process more daunting. That day we made the switch to AMC AList literally right after seeing the movie. For $20 a month each we can see 3 movies a week (they refresh every Friday), still get AMC points, and we can order our tickets ahead of time on our phones and watch 3D or IMAX. It just makes sense for us.

I used to take my sisters to the movies as much as I could but it was expensive even back then. My parents would take us all sometimes too but a family of six plus snacks is practically the same price as a vacation now-a-days. Now movie tickets are $15+ but we still go every week. Matt and I tried streaming movies for a while but nothing beats the real thing.

Why is this such a big deal and why am I so passionate about this? Because ever since Matt and I started dating, going to the movies has been central to our relationship. I had never been a big movie goer before mostly because it’s pretty expensive and was sometimes hard to find people (who weren’t my little sisters) to go with. Matt used to love to go but had trouble finding people to go with him as well. When we got together it worked perfect. At first we only went here and there when a big movie came out. Eventually, once we were living together we went more frequently, which turned into going every thursday, to every thursday and saturday, to every thursday and saturday and sometimes sunday.

We know which seats we like. We knew how much time we need to get there, get a parking spot, get snacks and get a good seat (even before all the theaters had the option to pick your seats). We knew that the movie theater we went to in Astoria had half off tickets if you ate at Applebees or Uno before hand. We had our system back then and it worked perfectly. In the beginning I used to save all my ticket stubs from all the movies we saw but one day Matt found my box of stubs and made fun of me so I threw them out. I kind of wish I still had them it would’ve been nice to frame them all.

Fast forward a couple years and we’re now in Long Island, Monday August 6th about to see The Spy Who Dumped Me and we’re debating over how many movies we see a month. Matt says we see 3-4 every month sometimes more. I say we see 4-6 every month because even if we miss a weekend we always make it up either the next weekend or during the week. Case in point, us seeing a movie on a Monday night because we had family over all weekend. I obviously won, with April being our biggest month; we saw six movies that month! So for us we save so much money getting a subscription service. Without it we would’ve spent close to $200 in just movie tickets in April alone. (This was when MoviePass was still practically giving away movie tickets so we spent $20 that month. Gotta love a good deal!)

Ultimately is just a lot of fun for us. We have a routine, we both get to see movies we want to see and we are always looking forward to that time together. if one of us is not able to go to the movies for whatever reason we, we wait for eachother. It really is one of the highlights of my week every week.  We are going to be that old couple who goes to the movies all the time and all the employees know not to fill our popcorn tub all the way to the top so that we can evenly distribute toppings. We’re going to take our kids to all the movies they want to see and still have our own movie date nights. These are the moments we look forward to in life. These are the memories we love to create.

What movie have you seen recently?

-Besos! xoxo

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