Verse Of The Week

This week has been a lot of things to me. It has tested me in many many ways and guess what? I’m still here.

For one, I got my period this week. Ew. TMI Reena. Get over it. You’ll survive. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that this pretty much sucks for more reasons than just cramps and bloating.  But you want to know the worst part? I was so positively, absolutely, 100%, no questions asked, sure that I was pregnant. This was gonna be my month! My grandmother had called me to tell me she had a dream that I was pregnant with twins; two girls. I had a bunch of symptoms, we had done everything right. I was Positive Polly in these streets and no one could tell me otherwise. While ordering my food at the movie theaters I felt it, a day early, and knew I was wrong. And that sucked! I had a quick cry in the bathroom and then went on about my day. What else could I do? As my husband likes to remind me, we did it once we know we can do it again. That alone is a blessing from God.

At work I have two very difficult bosses with extreme personalities. The draw back being that neither of them actually work in my field and don’t know the ins and outs of what I am supposed to do. They are forced, because of this broken system, to rate my performance based solely on my results which they also have a hard time deciphering. I do billing and collections. The billing part is pretty straight forward, either you did it or you didn’t (for the most part). Collections is where it gets tricky. We have a client who has a large debt with us at the moment. I have spent the past couple of months doing everything but holding their hand and singing them a song and in return they had promised us significant payment this past month. When the end of the month came, our numbers were horrible. Mainly because of this one client and the fact that we had still had not received payments. My bosses were frantic. They rewrote my emails, started getting other people involved, and overall tried to undermine my hard work that they deemed insufficient. Now we’re in the first week of this new month and all of a sudden payments start pouring in from our client. I’m talking BIG payments. Only one of my bosses said I did a good job, the other just asked me to verify my numbers. Either way I’ll take it as a win. Another blessing from God.

My final trial this week came when I went to class. We had Monday off for Labor day so I only had to go to class Wednesday. Being that it was my second class with this professor and we have next class off because of Rosh Hashanah, I really wanted to get the most of it. I came in as early as I could after work. I got a seat closer to the front (the first class I sat in the back next to the air conditioner and that was a huge mistake! I couldn’t hear a thing.) Our last assignment was to read Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems and small book, almost a hundred pages long. No problem. I like poetry and I like to read, let’s get into it. As the class progresses and we’re discussing the poems and the inner thoughts of O’Hara, some of my classmates expressed their disinterest for the book. My professor flat-out asks if I liked the poem we were reading. I didn’t. I mean I understood it and I liked some of the poems in the book but overall it was not my preferred choice of poetry. My teacher was crushed! He said this was one of his favorite books ever! He went on for a while about how it’s going to be tough to get through to a class that doesn’t like O’Hara. For the most part, I’m pretty sure, he was joking but I was nervous that not having the same taste as my teacher was going to mean a set back as an English major. The conversations continued and we ended class early. I somehow still felt thrilled and motivated. I’m used to leave my accounting classes in dread of all the homework I had to do and uninterested in coming to the next class regardless of how well I was doing. Now I feel like I have something to prove. The fire is lit and we’re moving on to Othello next. I’m not even going to sit here and act like I can’t see God working in my life right now.

So, what’s your point here Reena?

You. Are. Alive. 

It’s as simple as that.

It is your responsibility to keep moving forward. God will be your umbrella in the rain, the roof over your head, or whatever other pretty analogy you need to hear right now. He’s got you. You have to do your job. So while I’m not pregnant this month, I still have a shot for next month! And tons of sex to look forward to (Hi Mom!). While my boss is not praising my work all the time, I know that I’m at least going in the right direction and it’s getting harder for him to ignore that. While I’m still very nervous that I have no idea when I’ll finish school or what I’ll do with an English degree, I’m finally enjoying my classes again! I keep moving and God keeps working. We are a team stronger than Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay!


My only prayer this week is that God continues to lift me up, hold me down, and bring love and happiness into my life. That my hard work does not go unnoticed and that I am motivated to go further and work harder.

-Besos xoxo

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Verse Of The Week

I want to tell you an unpopular story. This story is only unpopular because the people involved do not agree on what exactly took place and for that reason I am only going to share my experience and viewpoint.

My family and I, 11 people in total, were in France visiting the Louvre Museum the week after Easter Sunday. This is important to note because everything was extra packed and closed a bit earlier because of the holiday weekend. Half the group had gone to the top of the Eiffel tower that morning and the other half toured the Palace of Versaille. When we met late in the afternoon, we were all a bit tired and plenty hungry. The museum has a few limited choices to eat but eventually we settled on waiting in line for a cafe so we could sit and eat before touring the museum.

There was already a line and the cafe itself was not particularly large but we waited none-the-less. We did mention to the hostess that, in order to seat us quicker, we did not mind splitting up the party. Which she obliged. About a little over half an hour later we began being seated. First a party of 4, then a party of 2, and eventually the last 5 remaining people were seating at a booth by the door. Being that we (the party of 4) sat first and had an especially attentive waitress we had our drinks out pretty quickly but hadn’t ordered anything yet. The french move slower than we do in the US so what would be a 30-40 min meal in the US is can easily be a 2 hour luxury in France. We were on vacation though so what’s the rush , right?

The table of five on the other hand began to grow upset after about 10-15 minutes of not having received their menus and being for the most part ignored. Keep in mind we had been standing in line for awhile so everyone pretty much knew what they wanted to eat. Their server finally began to take their orders but the adults were annoyed and a bit rude at this point. The hostess then goes over to their table and explains as best she could (she spoke very little English and none of them spoke French) that they needed to move the table of five to the other side of the restaurant as their table was reserved and they were sat there incorrectly. The table of three adults and two teenagers then became a bit upset. The adults began to raise their voice asking why they couldn’t just stay where they were and why out of all the tables in the cafe were they the ones being asked to move? When a manager, who spoke even less English, came over to try and smooth things over they loudly began to get out of the booth.

They were shown to another table towards the back of the cafe where the adults in the group immediately caused a scene. They asked to be moved to one of the large booths along the walls that were open but they were told that those too were reserved. This, according to them, was racist treatment! They were being forced into a smaller table, a four seater instead of 5, by the kitchens because they were people of color. And because they were so hungry and upset they didn’t believe they could wait any longer for their food. The three adults continued to storm around the cafe going up to the tables of their other group mates and continuing to repeat that the cafe is racist. That they were being unfairly treated. Eventually, after much noise the three adults left the cafe telling their group they were going to find food elsewhere.

The rest of us did not leave the cafe. My father asking the waitress if my sisters could join us instead (literally saying “please bring my daughters to me”) but the girls insisted they were fine where they were and there was no need to move again. The cafe offered my sisters free drinks for the mix up and free dessert. They’re not old enough to drink but enjoyed the desserts happily. We later understood that a group tour was arriving just as we were leaving and had reserved all the booths in the restaurant. When we left the cafe, after a wonderful meal, the three adults were outside waiting. Claiming they had already gone through all the exhibits and were heading back to the hotel. Also exclaiming how racist it is that the Egyptian exhibit was on a lower floor.

My sisters are the shining light in this story in my opinion. In the face of mass outrage and confusion they held their heads. Calmly did not argue with the cafe employees or their adult companions. Stayed behind when the adults at their table walked out. Politely apologize for the scene and enjoyed a classic French meal in one of the most famous museum’s the world. God took out the distractions, the pessimism, and the hate from their afternoon and replaced it with free creme brulee.

The Bible advises us to act on indifference and to power through injustices but before we can act we must wait, observe and plan. The opinions of that afternoon vary according to who you speak with but the overall tone was that those few moments of that day were unpleasant for all. I wonder what would have happened if the group would have stayed calm and observe the situation first before reacting. They too may have had an incredible meal and free wine. Maybe they were right and they were being treated unfairly. But their actions solved nothing. When they left everyone went about their business as normal. Maybe there was a solution to this had they been patient enough to find one.

So in closing I advise you that the next time you are faced with a situation that makes you want to throw your hands in the air or slam your head against the wall. Wait patiently for the Lord. You will be gifted with insight and understanding. And maybe, like my sisters, just maybe even some free creme brulee.

-Besos! xoxo

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Why Being Rewarded With Food At Work Sucks

Picture this: It’s an average work day and I’m greeting in the morning by an upbeat all-office email from my boss. “In celebration of the company’s 10 year anniversary and a job well done by all we will be providing free breakfast and afternoon treats this Friday! Come hungry!” Awesome! Free food! What could possibly be wrong with that?

Friday comes around, greeted by growling bellies and my eager co-workers. The set up? Eggs, potatoes, pancakes, sausage, bagels and cream cheese. I had anticipated the lack of vegan options but I was hopeful that there would at least be a fruit bowl. But nope. I headed back to my desk and whipped out my backup pack of seaweed snack.

I would’ve been fine with it too but my boss decided to come and chat with me at my desk. Not about the food or anything just trying to be friendly I guess. At which point my co-worker who sits next to me looks at my seaweed snacks and goes “are you not getting breakfast?” and I politely replied that there are not many vegan options. She looks directly at my boss who immediately replies “there are bagels!” Mind you there are no vegan cream cheese’s or even jelly for that matter. “Is she supposed to eat a dry ass bagel? You know there should really be some vegan and vegetarian options here.” To which my boss just walked into his office and my co-worker went on her merry way to enjoy the free breakfast.

Fast forward a couple of hours later and apparently either the eggs or the pancakes were not sitting well with most people and almost everyone who ate them had stomach issues. The moral? Don’t eat free office food with co-workers you know don’t wash their hands. Just kidding. Kind of. But seriously. Would it have been so hard to ask for a side order of Toffutti and a fruit bowl? A lot of people are lactose intolerant and many people enjoy fruit. Why must I be subjected to a plate of dry bagels and burnt potatoes when I am supposed to also be rewarded for a job well done?

Sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve been at a job where management has been tone-deaf to the pleas of their employees dietary restrictions. I was working in a company where my team and I were hitting every goal, surpassing all expectations and making a huge impression. Our boss would by us food all the time to celebrate a job well done. Unfortunately our boss would only stick to the food he enjoyed even if we didn’t like it. Case-in-point our months long Popeye’s battle.

This was before I was vegan so the fact that the meal was meat based didn’t bother me at the time but the problem was that it just didn’t sit too well in my stomach. And I wasn’t the only one. After the fourth or fifth Popeye’s lunch a couple of my co-workers started vocalizing the wish for change. They too were experiencing the drawbacks of the greasy fried chicken meal.

To fix this, my boss finally conceded and said for our next mandatory lunch meeting he would order pizza. He asked everyone if there were any specific toppings and for the most part everyone agreed that plain cheese would be best. Tell me why we all walked into this meeting and he bought every pizza known to man except plain cheese. I’m not kidding you this man bought a Philly cheese steak pizza but not a plain cheese pie. When confronted about it he stated there was a special at the pizza parlor if you got all specialty pizza’s. Suffice to say not all the pizza was eaten that day and people were very upset.

Having food at work shouldn’t be the reward. It’s nice don’t get me wrong. I’ve worked at places that range from free meals, to stocked pantries, to just a coffee machine, and all the way down to your lucky if the water machine is working. But it’s part of the environment. Being rewarded with food is forcing your employees to be thankful for something they have no say in but can actually impact them. Sometimes people are on diets and the boss brings in donuts. Now that person is faced with eating a donut to be properly rewarded or sticking to their diet and not being rewarded at all.

Look, I get it. You cannot always please everyone but to provide an option for everyone on your team shouldn’t be an olympic sport. If you are sending an email for free lunch your employees are going to show up expecting to be fed. You don’t get a medal for providing plain bread. What’s worse is that because this is a congratulatory gift or a reward for a job well done it’s in poor taste that not everyone is considered and accounted for. I’m vegan so I don’t deserve to be rewarded? My co-workers who don’t eat pork have to just suck it because the only pizza you decided to buy was sausage? You’re lactose intolerant? Here is some lettuce and tomatoes with no dressing; enjoy! I really hope you’re not allergic to anything because we were lazy and didn’t bother to check ahead of time. Lucky for you our medical insurance won’t even cover that hospital trip. Have fun!

Here is a list of alternate ways you can reward employees for all their hard work and determination.

  1. Give us a free PTO day.
  2. Let us leave an hour early on a Friday and actually pay us for it. (none of that clock out when you leave bullshit.)
  3. Give us a $5 gift card to a lunch spot nearby so we can pick our own food. (I have a Panera right next door. This won’t pay for my whole meal but at least it’s something.) Or a Starbucks or something.
  4. Give us an extended lunch break.
  5. Let us work from home.
  6. Put $5 extra into our 401K. (This is not a lot but if this was done instead of all those pizza parties it’ll add up.)
  7. Margarita Friday! (with virgin options for those who can’t/don’t drink). Or better yet, bring in a bartender around 4 o’clock on a Friday and let us finish work with drinks we actually like.
  8. Let us come to work in sweatpants.
  9. Pay us a bonus.

Free food is great! It’s a mood booster and a real treat when done correctly but showing up to the office party and not being able to partake is a mood killer. It makes you as an employee feel overlooked and underappreciated. Whether the restriction be a personal choice, a dietary restriction, or even a religious obligation, it should not be absurd for you to expect to have options at a work function. I hope that offices try to be more thoughtful at least when planning these reward meals and that I remember to replace my handy-dandy peanut butter jar for days when I am not accounted for at all (which is almost always).

Have you ever faced a lack of food options at a work function or have you ever not liked the options provided?

-Besos! xoxo

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Verse Of The Week

Have you ever heard the saying If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans? I’ve lately found myself looking back on situations and relationships and seeing how wrong I was about the plans I made in them. How I thought I had it all figured out and how much better things have turned out for me instead. In some situations I’m still figuring it out, still trying to process what the path is that I’m currently on.

Tomorrow I go back to school for the first time since last year. I skipped the last semester for a couple of reasons.

  1. I had an issue with financial aid. My aid forms were in my maiden name but my school forms were in my married name. I had physically went to the school and provided proof of marriage and had this fixed a long time ago but apparently a step was missed or someone was not informed. This caused my financial aid to be put on hold meaning I could not sign up for classes until this was fixed.
  2. I had a miscarriage. I was dealing with the excitement of being pregnant and then the heartbreak of losing a baby during my entire last semester. Physically and mentally I was not prepared to go back to school right away.
  3. I switched jobs. I just started at my job in February and I wasn’t sure what my new schedule and position would mean for my class schedule. Given I was taking weekend classes before, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen going forward.
  4. I hated my classes. Not all of them and maybe hate is a strong word but I was so bored and pretty much phoning it in. Because I worked in the field and these were all first level accounting classes it was pretty easy for me to skate by. My last two classes I passed even though I didn’t take the final.

The last reason was something I realized after everything else. I was not in a hurry to get back to school because I was not studying anything particularly interesting. I was an Accounting major and while the work was challenging, it was not fulfilling. I didn’t care. I honestly picked this major because I was already doing work in the accounting field and work experience plus a degree meant more money. Plus the degree program offered weekend classes so it was really convenient. I had it all planned out. Graduate by 30, get my CPA by 32 and by 35 I’d be making 6 figures at the very least. Losing our child put it into perspective for me. Why was I killing myself to perform in a field I don’t like. Was I going to have this child just so they could see me come home unhappy everyday? What kind of example does that set?

Together with my husband we sat and formulated a new, more flexible plan. I would switch majors to English, a subject I really enjoy and am excited about. With my new job I can take weekday classes which means I don’t have to give up my weekends and I could still spend time with my family. I don’t know what I will do with this degree but that is beside the point. I will be studying what I love and see what happens with the rest. We are fortunate that my husband and I do have jobs and are ok right now so I’m not going to focus on the earning potential of it. And as for a timetable? There is none! I’ll finish when I finish. Realistically if I had a baby I’ll need to take time off and that just has to be ok.

You see, when I had this thoroughly crafted to-do list of a plan I thought it would be enough for me to just click off the boxes. I was going for a career that made a bunch of money because I thought that was expected of me. Don’t get me wrong it would be nice if I could make a bunch of money and I still hope one day I will. The path to that has to change though. Even before I started pursuing an Accounting degree and accountant friend of ours said to me “don’t do it. you’ll hate it! I know, I do” and I took it with a grain of salt. Easy for him to say with a six figure salary, but looking back that was real advice I should’ve taken.

God teaches us these lessons sometimes in spoonfuls. I needed to see that I could thrive in the accounting program if I wanted to (I was getting pretty good grades) but I also needed to see it wouldn’t make me happy in the future. We’ve all been in situations where there is one person not having a good time in a room full of happy people. That person always brings down the vibe of the whole group. I don’t want to be that person in my life. The person who comes home every day and is miserable. I don’t want that for my children or my husband.

So this is step 1 to a list with I don’t know how many steps. With God’s guidance I will reclaim my life, passion, and happiness.

-Besos xoxo

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The Power

My husband does this amazingly sweet and charming thing where he buys me new books when we travel. If we have time before getting on a plane and there’s a book store, we’ll stop in. He’s bought me books in airports and train stations alike. So when we had some time to kill in Amsterdam on our way to Paris and he found a bookstore, he came back with one for me.

The Power is a page turning fiction book with a pretty interesting premise. What happens when all the women in the world develop electrical power so strong they can manipulate other people’s bodies? The answer is not so clear-cut.

The book follows four main characters (later branching out to other characters) on this journey beginning on what is called “The Day of the Girls” when this power reveals itself in young girls around the world.

Roxy – a young British girl who learns she has this power while fighting off men who are hired to kill her mother and didn’t expect her to be home. And get this: her father is a top-level mob boss and she has three half brothers who are highly favored. This power opens up possibilities for Roxy that she never considered and changes her relationship with her father dramatically. She is both the youngest and strongest person alive with this power and that makes her very dangerous to a lot of people.

Tunde – a 21-year-old Nigerian student who discovers this power when he tries to hook up with a girl he likes. It simultaneously scares and thrills him but when other women start to display this power he begins to film them and post these videos online. Soon he’s in the thralls of power reporting in the most dangerous war zones all over the world. He considers himself a bit of an insider because he’s privilege to so much information but eventually even this power takes a hold of him.

Margot – an American politician whose ambitions are thwarted time and again by her male counterparts; the power does not come inherently to her.  As with most of the older women, Margot has this power woken up in her by her daughter. She struggles with the responsibility of dealing with this new epidemic while at the same time reveling in the confidence it gives her. Musing that she could kill her male counterpart at any time. It would be easy.

Allie – an American orphan who has been abused and sexually molested by her foster parents. Her evolution from loner abuse case to religious figure is all brought by this power she comes into and a voice in her head that’s guiding her along.

I got major Sense 8 vibes (if you haven’t seen this on Netflix yet please do so and fall in love with Wolfgang and thank me later) from this due to the changing landscapes and the different background of the characters. And if you’re worried they are not connected you’re wrong. Luckily you do get an extremely satisfying cross over of these characters towards the end of the book. Overall there’s a bit of satire facing the struggles of the women’s movements. We get moments where men are fighting for equal rights because they are now at the bottom of the food chain. You have the question posed of how many men do you actually need to survive? And then the struggle of controlling the power hunger and the woman who abuse their power.

This book will make you laugh and think and the ending is so poignant and real; it does not disappoint. I highly recommend this book and I’m so glad my husband picked this up for me.

What’s next on your must read list?

-Besos! xoxo

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Verse Of The Week

I’ve been struggling lately with feeling like I have no idea what I’m doing in life. Like I am behind the curb and everything is working against me. I have a bad habit of lining up my problems and counting them out. Look here is the reason today is going to be shit.…. I do my best to be positive but lately I have been taking a lot of things harder than usual. I’m very emotional. I look to the past and think I should’ve stayed in certain situations or jobs when if I really took a second and remember correctly I wasn’t happy with those situations. Basically, mentally, I’ve been on a rollercoaster. I haven’t been able to plant my feet and thank God for my blessings fully and genuinely.  And that really bothers me.

Almost two months ago now I started dedicating myself fully to going to the gym 4-5 times a week. At first it was just about showing up. Just go in here and do something. You see all these reports that working out is good for depression and all these things so I was like ok this is what we’re going to do. We are going to start healing one step at a time. So I started packing a gym bag and leaving it in my car and going straight from work. I tried to leave as little excuses as possible. Just do it. At first I wasn’t even hitting 10,000 steps a day, then I hit that and I was like ok I want to go on the elliptical for 45 mins now. I hit that too. I’m up to an hour on the elliptical now, burning around 600 calories (so says the machine). And some days sure I feel a bit better but other days I’m still down.

So when I came across this verse I started thinking. Could the who be me? Could I be holding myself back from all of my blessings? Abso-fucking-lutely! But what’s more I’ve realized I’m not properly equipped to get out of my own damn way. God is for me every single day but I am fighting this war against myself. other people can’t bring me down anymore. I’ve long ago learned how to manage that aspect of life. But myself? That’s a different story.

Now comes the challenge. Lift myself up, give myself strength and figure it the hell out. If God is for me not even my own self-doubt can be against me. I can blame it on mercury being in retrograde all I want but I need some self-love, some hard work and some optimism in the next coming weeks. For now my plan is to keep going to the gym because for that hour I’m there I don’t worry about my issues. I’m just focused on hitting the goal at hand. I’ll just need to figure out how to do what I do in the gym, at home and at work. The goal is to focus on one task at a time; strip each day down to the basics. And we’ll see how that goes?

Do you ever feel like you are keeping yourself from your blessings?

-Besos! xoxo

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What I Eat In A Day As A Vegan

Many times I’m faced with the same question when I tell people I’m vegan. “What do you eat?” This post will take you through a normal work day for me and everything I eat. Noting that it’s a work day is important because I usually try to stay away from alcohol, drink tons of water and try not to snack too much on the weekdays. Doesn’t always happens but it’s the thought that counts right? Right!

Whereas on the weekends I don’t really pay attention to what it is I’m eating, as long as it’s vegan. For non-vegans this is usually harder at work on days when someone decides to bring in donuts or cupcakes but since they’re never vegan I don’t have to worry about that temptation. Haha!

In the morning I have a set routine. I get up, let the dogs out, pack my lunch, clean something (dishes, laundry, wipe down the counters. There is always something.) and then take my vitamins and head back upstairs to get ready. Once I’m ready to go I order my drink at Starbucks, kiss my husband and my pups and I’m out the door.

At Starbucks I usually get either an ice or a hot chai tea latte with either coconut or almond milk. I don’t usually stray from this unless I’m sick or I want a change. This is my go-to drink and I love it. It’s also my indulgence every day. I know its packed with calories and sugar but I’m not counting calories and the rest of my day is pretty low in sugar so let me live! Since I order ahead I usually just have to walk in say good morning to my guy Rubin behind the counter, he hands me my cup and I’m on my way.

My drive to work is only around half an hour so I et a few sips in on the way but I usually have more than half left by the time I’m clocked in and at my desk.

For breakfast I usually have fruit. Whatever fruit we have in the house it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I get a bunch of bananas when I go shopping, other times I’ll grab a bunch of melons and then there are the times when I stick to a bowl of berries. It’s just my go-to breakfast. On this day I had a bunch of cherries in the house so I packed those up. I love cherries but they can be expensive sometimes and the one thing I miss about not being in the city is having a fruit guy on the corner. I used to always get fruit from those guys because it was always fresh and cheap. I paired my fruit and chai with some Belvita biscuits. No reason behind this really, other than I had a craving for them.

When I get into the office in the morning, before I eat breakfast, I make sure I fill out my water cup. This baby is 24 oz big. Which means I drink three of these a day and I’ve already had more than the recommended amount for the day. I average 4 of these a day. I just keep filling it up until its time to go home.

For lunch I usually just eat leftovers of whatever we had for dinner but lately we havent had many leftovers so I stick with a salad. Now, don’t come to me with your bland ass restaurant garden salads with two croutons, some haphazardly chopped tomatoes and a slice of a red onion. My salads go hard! This one in particular has onions, heirloom tomatoes, corn, black beans, chickpeas, and avocado. For dressing I just combine olive oil with apple cider vinegar and some salt and pepper. Boom! That’s a salad. This bad boy is big too I didn’t even have enough time to finish it all. Also I eat in my car because I hate my job (that’s a post for another time).

After lunch I usually have another bottle of water and sometimes a snack. I didn’t eat it on this day but I usually keep seaweed snacks or trail mix in my desk in case I need a mid day munch. 

After work I head to the gym and try to get my heart beating for at least 30 mins. I’m not a gym rat or particularly worried about my weight or anything. It’s beneficial for me, since I have pretty bad asthma, to work out my lungs as much as I can. At the gym I have one more big ol’ bottle of water because water is life.

I don’t eat anything before or directly after the gym. I pretty much come home and start cooking dinner. On this night it was hot and I didn’t want to be in the kitchen too long so I whipped up my go to Chickpea Taco’s. Super easy, simple, and takes maybe 20 mins in and out of the kitchen. It’s pretty much what I put in my salad earlier but with seasoning and a taco shell. I paired my dinner with an Izze sparkling juice. I had these lying around from the weekend when my family was over but usually we don’t keep much juice in the house (we don’t really drink it). On any other night this would be water or seltzer with lemon. 

Now I was not even going to do desert on this day because I usually just have dinner and go to bed BUT Matt took out this big piece of ice cream cake. What was I supposed to do? Watch him eat it with nothing for me? I grabbed my vegan Coconut Bliss ice cream and went it. I eat about half a cartoon in one sitting and then save the rest.

So as you can see, I’m not starved. My protein levels are great. I’m eating both healthy and unhealthy. And I didn’t kill anyone to it. Let me know if you like this post and if you want more like this. I’m not sure if it’s helpful or interesting for anyone looking into veganism or someone who is just curious.

What did you eat today?

-Besos! xoxo

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