To My Husband

Hey Baby,

I was thinking today about one of the first nights we ever spent together. We didn’t watch TV to go to sleep back then. You used to play music on Pandora on your laptop next to the bed. I remember you always falling asleep before me and I would be laying there, wide awake, not wanting to miss anything. Trying to control my breathing. Trying not to wake you. So self-conscious and  nervous I was going to mess something up. (Oh how the times have changed!)

But this one night we were up and talking. There was a cover song playing of the Grease song “you’re the one that I want”. You started singing along, not very well, to it; making me laugh. And I remember just feeling so happy. The type of happiness that doesn’t want or need anything else. I’m pretty sure I slipped up and said something along the lines of “I love this so much” and you immediately turned to me and asked “you love me?” I got defensive “I didn’t say that exactly”. And you told me that it was OK that I said it first because you love me too. We stayed up a little later  than usual that night and you held my hand while we slept.

Thinking back on this, I am astonished at how many other significant moments you’ve been there to hold my hand through. Some of them really sucked. Like being in the emergency room having asthma attacks, or coming out of surgery. But then there were other moments that were so monumental. Like adopting Izzy; then Simba. Holding hands at the altar. Guiding me through our home. Holding my hand while we took off for the Bahamas, or Saint Lucia, or Cuba, or London. During all the scary and gory parts in all the movies we see every single week.

There was a moment this past year, where I was at my lowest point. I remember telling you that I was not strong enough. And you held me and told me that it was all going to be OK. You got me. What continues to astound me about you is that through every struggle we face, through all the unknowns, you always take care of me first. To say you are my family would be an insult to all we’ve been through.

You’ve raised me up, held me down, and helped me out in every way you possibly could. Your hands have been my home for 4 years. These hands have prayed with me through times of trouble or thanksgiving. Have pushed me to become better and braver and stronger. Have reassured me time and time again.

I am your rib and you are my reason. 

Two years is just a drop in the bucket for us but they have been breathtaking. Two amazing years I’ve spent being your wife. Just the two of us against the world. I pray that God continues to bless us with a happy and healthy home. With a life full of adventure. With love to spare.

Happy Anniversary!


Your Wife xoxo♥


One response to “To My Husband”

  1. This is beautiful Reena!!! May you and Matt share and create millions of more memories and adventures together with the challenges being minimal as your love for each other grows!!! It makes me so so happy to see how happy and in love you two are!!! Have a wonderful anniversary ❤️❤️🍾
    Love you guys so much XOXOXO

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